TDX Data Services is committed to providing quality services at exceptional prices.

Our Digital Sketching service provides you with the tools you need to keep your property sketches up to date. We can provide software, training and support for in house projects, or we can complete your conversion to digital sketching.  Packages can include all, or part of your property inventory.

What are the benefits of using sketching software over manual drawing?

  • Reduced Drawing Time: With just a few sketches under your belt you will find the completion of a digital sketch is faster and less frustrating than traditional sketching methods.
  • Accurate Calculations: The software provides calculations and posts SQLA and other calculations directly on your sketch.
  • Clear, Crisp Lines and Labels: Is that a three or five?  No more confusion as sketch labels and lines are clean and crisp.
  •  Flexibility: The ability to copy and reopen saved sketches for modification saves countless hours without the problems of erasure blots and the paper degradation associated with traditional cards.
  • Compatibility: Our sketches are fully compatible with New York State RPS V4 and popular online property record card software.

Take the steps to build a professional looking database. Contact us for a quote for a level of service that is right for your municipality.

All Sketches are prepared to meet your specifications on labeling and layout.



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